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A blister package consists of a formed piece of PVC plastic attached to either a adhesive coated paperboard or foil.

The paperboard is manufactured specifically for blister packaging, and printed with special wax-free inks. Both ingredients are essential to blister packaging, and without both, the blister will not adhere to the paper. The paper and plastic are joined together in a blister sealer, which is essentially a hot plate which presses down on to a tool which has been custom made for the blister and card combo. The tooling is made with a cavity to fit the outline of the plastic piece, and a raised felt or rubber gasket is on the face of the tool, shaped to match the outline of the cavity. The blister flange (the part that seals to the card) will lie on the gasket when inserted into the tray cavity up. After the product is inserted, the card is put on top face down. Spring loaded disappearing pins outline the card area, to locate the card properly. After the blister, product and card are loaded, the tray is indexed into the heating station, where a hot plate(appox. 300F) is pressed down upon the tool. The combination of heat pressure is enough to active the adhesive on the face of the card and creat a bond between plastic and paper, and a finished product.

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